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Every Believer is a Witness


GO2020 is a global movement of 100 million Christians (10 million in the US) sharing Jesus with 1 Billion people in May 2020. Everyone can reach someone, together we can reach the world.


about go2020 

God has given this generation more than enough financial and people resources to reach the world, the problem is that over 90% of Christians are not sharing their faith. Now is our time to take action.

GO2020 is bigger than any single church, denomination or organization. It is call for everyone, everywhere to share the Gospel with at least one friend in the month of May. As one church, sharing one message in one month we will experience a historic moment that could change our nation and lead to the fulfillment of the Great Commission in our lifetime!

“The whole church must be mobilized to bring the whole Gospel to the whole world. This is our calling!” - Billy Graham


How can you be a part of reaching 1 Billion people in May 2020? EveryONE can reach someONE- together we can reach the world.