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Is this a one time event?

No, GO 2020 is a movement with a yearly focus in the month of May.

Are there materials I need?

Do it your way is our motto. The website will continue to populate suggested training materials and tools if that will help you.

Is GO 2020 an organization?

It is not an organization but a collaboration. The organization of this outreach consists of volunteers, seasoned missionaries, ministry leaders, and church staff giving significant time towards this effort. For the movement to continue on its course, it will require the whole Body of Christ to contribute its talents, time, and finances. Our sacrifice will, in turn, produce a manifold witness of our Lord Jesus Christ to the world.

Who is leading GO 2020 North America?


Dave Gibson - Pastor of Missions and Evangelism Grace Church - GO 2020 US Director, Global Leadership
Blair Carlson - Good Word Partnerships Exec. Director - GO 2020 Operations
Kathy Branzell - The Table Coalition - Love 2020 Nat. Director, National Prayer Committee Board, GO 2020 Operations
Allan Beeber- GO 2020 Liaison for Steve Douglass, Cru President, GO 2020 US Operations
Kimberly Johnson - Grace Church Missions Director; GO 2020 US Associate Director


Kris Otto - GO 2020 US Administrative Assistant