Develop the habits of PRAYER-CARE-SHARE and MAKING DISCIPLEs

Our First Connection is Friend-to-Friend

It’s a great privilege to be able to share the Good News of the Gospel. People share news all the time. The barista sharing that the coffee is ready; the journalist reporting on world news; even the doctor announcing to an expecting father, “it’s a boy!” But there is no news that is quite compares to the news that we have. That in this dying world, there is hope. That God is not far off as many feel, but He is a personal God that cares deeply about each person. So deeply that He sent His only Son in our place, so that we might live.

Now you may be quite comfortable with sharing your faith, or maybe you have never done it before. Wherever you are on that spectrum, our goal is that you would be inspired and equipped to share your faith. Because there is no greater joy. Paul says in 1 Cor 9:23, “he shares the Gospel that he might become a full partaker of it.” Meaning we as Christians have not tasted the fullness of joy the Gospel brings until we share it with others. This great news. The ultimate answer for a hurting world. This Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Developing a rhythm of key habits

Prayer - Care - Share and Disciple

  1. Payer: Daily praying for those far from God, in close proximity to you - My 5

  2. Care: Asking God to direct ways you can show you care

  3. Share: Lovingly and appropriately sharing the Gospel

  4. Disciple: Teaching someone how to walk with God and be a witness


MY 5 - Think of 5 or more friends, neighbors, relatives, or people you meet regularly at school or work who need to know Jesus. Begin to pray for them regularly. Join with others to pray for the people on each of your lists.


Ask God to help you develop friendships with the people on your list. Evangelism is often done best when it is based on relationships. God has given you a circle of contacts - reach out to them where they are and be the love of God to them. Invite them for a meal or join them in something they enjoy doing. They may not know any other Christian besides you.


As God leads, seek opportunities to share your faith. You can be a link between them and God. Simply share what Jesus means to you or invite them to a GO 2020 outreach event in your church or community. Give them an opportunity to say Yes to Jesus.


Keep praying and being a friend. Help nurture their faith, invite them to church or a Bible study, and pray with them. Remember, when someone comes to faith in Jesus, it is the beginning of a journey. Ask the Holy Spirit to empower them to live out their new life in Christ.

May 2020

Make a goal to share with at least 1 person that month, each week or every day!

Everyone can reach someone and together we can reach the world.