GO2020 Kids

Children’s ministries and churches from all over the world are making a commitment to mobilize young people to be lovingly bold in sharing Jesus with their friends and family in May 2020.

In America, children have been discipled throughout the school year in Sunday school and beyond, making the end of the ministry season in May 2020 a fantastic time to commission kids to Go2020.

Steps for Kids


Start by writing down 5 people you know who don’t know Jesus – use the MY 5 card or make your own.
Pray for them every day. The Kids Prayer Covenant is a good tool to help you pray.  


Find ways to show your MY 5 God’s love. 


Share with at least one person how you know God loves you.
Ask them if they would like to know that God loves them too.
Share “The Best News Ever”: the Gospel.
Ask your friend if they would like to trust in Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
If they say yes,  invite them to join you in praying and sharing this story with others.
Invite them to church with you.

Keep adding people to your list and pray, care, and share.