Leadership and Advisers


Dave Gibson

“GO 2020 has the potential to be a movement of God’s people and the Gospel like never before in the history of the Church.”

Dave Gibson - GO 2020 US Director, Global Leadership: Pastor of Missions and Evangelism, Grace Church Minnesota


Steve Douglass

“If the body of Christ will trust God and work together in unity, I do not find it hard to believe that 1 billion people could be exposed to the Gospel in May of 2020.”

Steve Douglass - President, Campus Crusade for ChristInternational/Cru: GO 2020 Global Leadership

Steve’s Video Endorsement

Werner Nachtigal.jpg

Werner Nachtigal

“The Gospel is the greatest message ever! Imagine 100 million believers praying and sharing the Gospel. We will flood the world with the love of God.”

Werner Nachtigal - International President of Global Outreach Day: GO 2020 Global Ambassador


Nick Hall

“I don’t think there can be enough of us trying to blow the trumpet for unity, collaboration, and Gospel action.I want to be with others who aren’t content to do things on their own.”

Nick Hall - Voice to the Next Generation, PULSE founder, The Table Coalition CEO (formerly Mission America):GO 2020 US Advisory

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Dr. Bartholomew orr.jpg

Dr Bartholomew Orr

The finish line in is view. We can ensure that in every language, in every tongue, there is a believer, there is a Bible, there is a body of individuals, a church, serving Jesus Christ. We are looking forward to being used by God; using prayer, care and share to win the world for Jesus Christ.

Dr Bartholomew Orr, Pastor-Brown Missionary Baptist, National Baptist leader

Dr Bartholomew’s Video Endorsement

gabriel salguero.jpg

Gabriel Salguero

The entire church with one message working together to reach everybody around the globe. On behalf of the Latino National Coalition we are so excited about endorsing GO 2020. So whether you are a pastor of a large church or small church, a denominational leader, a college leader, or a small group leader God is calling you to join GO 2020. We at the Latino National Coalition want to be a small part of reaching this generation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ from unreached towns and people groups to university campuses to large cities. God is moving. It’s great commission time and GO2020 is a part of it.

Gabriel Salguero, Pastor, Calvario City Church and President, National Latino Evangelical Coalition

Gabriel’s Video Endorsement

Kathy Branzell.jpg

Kathy Branzell

An opportunity for unity and obedience across the body of Christ. Jesus taught and modeled “prayer, care and share”. And this is the opportunity for the body of Christ no matter where you are, no matter what denomination, what ministry you’re involved with, no matter what church you go to a, what city you live in across America, you can follow Jesus’ model “pray care and share” the love of Jesus. Join the movement and be a witness.

Kathy Branzell - President, National Day of Prayer and Love 2020, GO 2020 Leadership

Kathy’s Video Endorsement

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kevin palau

My Dad (Luis), brother Andrew and I could not be more excited about the vision and strategy of GO2020.  Taking a particular month, May 2020, to encourage every believer everywhere to share their faith is an idea we can get behind.

Kevin Palau, President and CEO of the Luis Palau Evangelistic Association – GO2020 Cities Task Force Leader

Kevin’s Video Endorsement