Step 5 - Pass it on

God’s call is for disciples making disciples.The work of making disciples and our Gospel witness continues beyond May 2020. This is a catalyst for the Church to activate and bring the Gospel to everyone, everywhere; to every nation, tribe, and tongue; and then the end will come— Matthew 24:14.

The finish line is in sight. Let’s GO!


  • Follow up with new believers. Call them. Teach them how to pray and read the Bible.Invite them to a church or small group for discipleship and encourage them to bring a family member or a friend.

  • Scripture Engagement -Give a 21 Day Challenge: Read one chapter a day in the Gospel of John and answer 3 questions: What does it say about God? Mankind? How will I respond? Share a Bible App: Bible.is or YouVersion, or the website: Bible.org

  • Start a Discovery Bible Study with a new believer and their family or friends.

  • Plant a church- See church-planting strategies available soon on the website.

  • Continue in the habits of Prayer-Care-Share and encourage others to join you.