Step 2 - Prepare

Be Grounded in the WORD The Scriptures are a precious gift – in them we encounter the Living Word and hear His voice. You can study a short passage from the Gospel of Luke on your own or in a group using the questions to help you take a closer look and listen to what God might be showing you from His Word. Luke challenges us to consider who Jesus is and how we will respond to what He said and did. Ask God to speak to you and to strengthen your faith in Him.


Our First Connection is Friend-to-Friend

PRAYER - MY 5 - Think of 5 or more friends, neighbors, relatives, or people you meet regularly at school or work who need to know Jesus. Begin to pray for them regularly. Join with others to pray for the people on each of your lists.

CARE - Ask God to help you develop friendships with the people on your list. Evangelism is done best when it is based on relationships. God has given you a circle of contacts—reach out to them where they are and be the love of God to them. Invite them for a meal or join them in something they enjoy doing. They may not know any other Christian besides you.

SHARE - As God leads, seek opportunities to share your faith. You can be a link between them and God. Simply share what Jesus means to you or invite them to a GO 2020 outreach event in your church or community. Give them an opportunity to say Yes to Jesus.

DISCIPLE - Keep praying and being a friend. Help nurture their faith, invite them to church or a Bible study, and pray with them. Remember, when someone comes to faith in Jesus, it is the beginning of a journey. Ask the Holy Spirit to empower them to live out their new life in Christ.


One option for you is the 3-Step Training Guide. Central to our mission is the message. There are many methods, but what is most essential is that we get the message right. Global Outreach Day offers a 3-Step Training Guide and “The Four” Gospel presentation with branded flyers are available. You may either choose to use this training, or choose one that best fits your church or group. See “Resources” for Evangelism Training options.

Prepare Checklist


  • WORD: Devote time to study the Word of God

  • HABITS: Adopt the habits of prayer-care-share and make disciples into your life and encourage those around you to do the same.

  • TOOLS: Visit the RESOURCES page on the website for more training resources.

  • START: a Discovery Bible Study with neighbors in your home

Churches and Ministries

  • TRAINING: Host an evangelism training course in a church or home.

  • TEACH: Gospel principles and supporting scripture through the Sunday sermons.

  • LEAD: families, or friends in street witnessing.