Step 3 - Provide

Seek God, who is our supply, in how you might give of your time, talent, and treasure so more people might hear the Good News of the Gospel from a friend.

As we look ahead to ONE MONTH in 2020, let’s Fuel the Fire for Global Outreach.

So that you can participate with confidence, we recognize that it is important for you to know exactly how your time, talents, and funds will be used; and who is responsible for them. Significant amounts of time, talent, and financial resources are needed to plan, organize, promote, and conduct such a movement. The following information has been prepared to help answer these questions.

This outreach consists of volunteers, seasoned missionaries, ministry leaders, and church staff giving significant time towards this effort. For the movement to continue on its course, it will require the whole Body of Christ to contribute its talents, time, and finances. Our sacrifice will, in turn, produce a manifold witness of our Lord Jesus Christ to the world.


National Office Join a task force, help spread the word, answer questions sent to our website, and equip for outreach. Email: info@ugo2020.us

Community Training Host an evangelism training event in your city.

Community Prayer Lead or assist in a city-wide prayer effort.

Network Be a voice through your network for GO 2020 at an event.

Events Support local, national, or global outreach events in a variety of capacities. (Needs will be posted on the event calendar.)


In Kind Donation Advertising/media (Christian and secular), print, email services, outreach materials, equipment, personnel, and the like. Contact the US GO 2020 office if you would like to offer are source -info@ugo2020.us


Monetary Donation Generous financial contributions from individuals, businesses, churches, and organizations will be needed to move this forward.

How the Funds will be Used/Financial Stewardship Mobilizing the world is a costly investment. Expenditures will be incurred throughout the years of planning, May, 2020, and during the one year of follow-up activities after May, 2020.

How the Funds will be Managed GO 2020 has been incorporated as a non-profit Trust and works under the authority of ministries and church organizations around the world (visit the website for participating ministries to date). Depending on where you give, appropriate receipts will be issued. GO 2020 is organized and managed by a worldwide board of directors with the participation of global leaders.

GO 2020 is committed to financial integrity.

  • The leadership team bears complete responsibility to raise all funds required to cover the costs of the movement.

  • The leadership team has taken steps to ensure that the funds are handled according to the highest ethical standards.

  • Each ministry partner operates with their provide financial safeguards.

Give to: NCF “The GO 2020 Fund”
7701 France, Ave S., Suite 360, Edina, MN 55435