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Join the Go2020 Movement

You can participate as an individual, church, denomination, network or ministry. Everyone committed to the biblical message of the Gospel is invited.
Join the movement to show your support and gain access to
resources and updates between now and May 2020.



Develop the habits of prayer-care-share, praying for 5 people that are close to you but far from God, finding ways to show you care, then lovingly and appropriately sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  As you engage with the movement, you will discover training resources and creative ways to reach them in a way that fits your gift and calling.


Plan in a way that works best for your ministry for a season of accelerated prayer, personal evangelism and outreach in May 2020.  Make sure GO 2020 is on the calendar and “Every Believer a Witness”.  You can also expand the impact through a creative team-outreach or special event.

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network or ministry

Increase your outreach goals for May 2020. Activate and inspire leaders to renew their passion for the lost and influence a fresh focus on prayer, evangelism, discipling new believers and church planting through this unique global dynamic within the Body of Christ. Connect with the GO2020 team to share your ideas and actions for May 2020.

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