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 The Vision


let’s see what only God can do

The vision began with Global Outreach Day (G.O.D.) in 2012, an annual initiative of increased evangelistic focus on the last Saturday each May. In 2020, this movement extends to ONE MONTH and is called GO2020.

Over the past seven years, participation has grown to 250,000 churches in 140 countries who are engaged in personal evangelism, community outreach, and church planting through G.O.D. This has resulted in over 6 million indicated decisions for Christ. In 2020, as ONE CHURCH from many nations and denominations collaborate together, we can multiply this impact.

GO 2020 has the potential to be a movement of God’s people and the Gospel like never before in the history of the Church. However, ONE thing is still needed: you, your ministry, and your church. Let’s all commit to GO2020 and see what only God can do.


  • To mobilize 100 million believers worldwide, 10 Million in the US

  • From 193 nations

  • Equipped with a prayer - care - share lifestyle

  • To reach 1 billion people worldwide, 100 Million in the US

  • Disciple new believers into existing and new churches


The Lord has used various denominations, ministries, local churches and networks and individuals to mobilize their constituencies to be involved. The movement has grown because many partners have owned the vision, and the implementation, and are utilizing their structures to motivate, equip, etc.

As Global Outreach Day (G.O.D.) broadens the focus in 2020 from a day to a month, the movement will need to continue to involve partners who own and implement among their respective members, (in their own way and using their own strategies, training’s and materials where possible). The G.O.D. historical evangelistic emphases have generally had two organizational components:

  • To inspire mobilization

  • To facilitate implementation

We project that GO 2020 will have those as well.



G.O.D. leadership only has so much time and credibility to inspire/motivate all segments of the Body of Christ. Therefore, it is very helpful to find influential leaders who share the vision and endorse the movement to their organizations and beyond. These same people have a great deal of wisdom/advice to offer.

Most often it has proven helpful to form “advisory boards” made up of a number of these advisers and endorsers. GO 2020 has already formed a Global Advisory Board and is establishing similar groups at the continental and national levels, as needed.



In the past G.O.D. emphases we have found that as momentum builds, there is great merit for those involved to be encouraged and informed by what others are doing. A key word to summarize this is “sharing”. Participating organizations can help one another by sharing:

  • Stories about what God is doing in the respective organizations.

  • Strategies, training’s and materials which seem to be working well.

  • Plans, including major events, which may prove helpful for other organizations to be involved in.

Steve Douglass,
Chairman Global Leadership Team GO 2020,
International President Cru

 Everyone can reach someone and together we can reach the world!